Our Patients

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Nikki C.

“Don't know what I would do without Mike! 
I originally went in to see Mike for tightness and discomfort throughout my entire back; as a full time teacher and graduate student, I spend my days on my feet and my nights sitting in a chair (for hours). He not only assisted in relieving any discomfort, but provide some in home stretches I could do on my own. 

Aside from my job and education, I do CrossFit 6x/week and had dropped heavy weight on my knee. I was unable to put too much weight on the knee or bend it without pain. After consistently seeing Mike, I was able to move it without any discomfort.”

Kevin N.

“Playing ice hockey for the majority of my life has left me banged up, yet I still enjoy playing and working out 5-6 days a week. Mike was able to treat my shoulder injury that has been nagging me for about +12 years and help me regain my strength and mobility. I was amazed in his technique and his ability to bring back my shoulder range of motion back to almost where it was prior to the A/C separation injury.

I thank Mike for all of his help and knowledge to keep me going on and off the ice, whether it be coaching the kids or playing hockey myself.”



Andy T.

“Dr. Hinderman has been a huge asset in my life. I reached out to him when I noticed sharp pains in my shoulder, a ton of knots building up in my back, and just a lack of mobility throughout my body due to heavy powerlifting/weight lifting, and dealing with 500+ luggages a day per 8 hour shift working in the airlines industry.

Dr. Hinderman's knowledge is top notch, but his hospitality and love for helping others is the reason why I always go back to him. ”

kenji M.


“I went to see Mike for some nagging knee pain I had been experiencing for a couple of months. Not only was he able to help alleviate the pain but he helped me work on deficiencies in my mobility to keep the pain from coming back.”